Saturday, February 18, 2017

Last Of The Google Nexus Products, 5X (Part 2. reviews)

Hey Guys I'm back here and i'm showing the part 2 which my last Google Nexus phone, Nexus 5X

And my hands on this phone (naked phone{not naked body! aka no casing and accessories})
-Slightly feels like Nexus 5, but it's better build than N5 IMHO :)
-lens kinda bigger (urgh don't know why Google get that design)
-bigger body, exactly same size as Huawei P9
-2700mAh Battery and rear fingerprint reader :D
-Pure Vanilla? (it's pure Google UX and simple usage)

Battery life?



You may refer my latest snaps with Google Nexus 5X

wrap up

Pros : Latest update from google, good output camera(implanted from LG G series with laser focus), smooth UX
Cons: certain time having frame drop issue on certain games, moderate multitasking

still i can give this phone about 80% for the verdicts, isn't that pretty bad bout the phone but Google may put some afford on the phone(PS : Google Pixel have 3Gb ram) so yeah.. this phone was EOP(End of Products, Pixel Rep. Nexus line)