Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Last Of The Google Nexus Products, 5X (Part 1. Unboxing)

Hi guys, it's me Ryan's here and i today to posting about my 3rd Google Products, which vendors that really liked it, yes it's LG Nexus 5X,
Just Check it
Erm, Usually i bought a lot of gadget from Imported unit(PS: some phone u really can't get it from Malaysia like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Snapdragon and newly launched phone by LG V20), which was from friends and partners as well, and this is the 1st time i got it from the site, purchased from CyberSales Malaysia (actual RRP RM1199, 1yr Warranty under BrightStar (MY), i got it crazy discount for RM 999 with some rebates, till RM 930)

Here we go, and oh yeah thanks to SkyNet Courier Services as well 

PS:i missed the extra items icon_rolleyes.gif

and here's is the BOX, ta-dum-ss! 

Video for unboxing, will add on soon happy.gif

here's is the UX and etc etc etc,hehe laugh.gif

and after applied Tempered Glass and some accessories (Gosh, rclxub.gifwhy they give me that silicon casing eh )

Cont' for Part 2